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Wondering what product wiil fit your application? Browse through our Product Catalog for ideas.

LIDA - (Logic Ignition Diagnostic Analyzer)

Lida has application in automotive service industry. With its miniature and robust logic design is capable to diagnose ignition problems within seconds without the use of a sophisticated engine analyzer.

PICAD (Pasive Interference Colission Avoidance Device)

With its sleek portable design and original circuitry, PICAD can detect and indicate in real time the relative position of two aircrafts from up to five miles away. The pilot can guide the airplain using the Picad's directional display to avoid a potential collision with another aircraft.

MATE 32 (Multifunctional Automatic Test Equipment)

Mate is capable to "learn" and store the electrical signature of a known good active circuit and use it to compare and determine the fault in seconds. The unit has IEEE488 interface to a PC capability along with windows software to collect process and view data from UUT.

Stock Market Prediction Analysis Software

An original Stock Market prediction computer program is capable using unique algoritms to determine in advance with several days the trend of a selected stock based on previous records.

Fast Intermittent Tester 2000

The modern, computer controlled engine used on combustion engine have demanded fast and accurate handheld electronic testers to detect intermittent problems. FIT 2000 is design to do just that. By using a fast Motorolla microcontroller chip and few electromagnetic sensors is capable to detect fast, intermittent events in the ignition, injection, ECM and associated componnets.