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Welcome to Avtronics

Virgil Antonov - Inventor/Entrepreneur

Lancaster, California
OEM Design of New Electronic Systems
Since 1995

661-943-2415, E-mail:

Avtronics was founded in 1986 by Virgil Antonov, author of several inventions and designer known for his broad patented device applications ranging from automotive electronics applied on Ford and GM deluxe cars since 1980, automatic test equipment, wireless communications to proprietary algorithms, the bricks for the 21st Century stock market analysis and prediction analysis software. Before founding Avtronics, Virgil Antonov worked as electronic engineer consultant for major DOD corporations including Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, Teledyne Inet, NASA Research Center, Eaton Corp, Lockheed, IBM, Martin Marietta, Lear Siegler and other aerospace companies. He was the team leader of a state-of-the-art electronic custom design and development.

Avtronics designs, develops and markets software and microprocessor based electronic products for highly competitive for major companies. Since its founding in 1986, Avtronics has developed innovative products that take advantage of advances in personal computer technology and have been implemented and sold over 5 million units. The company is committed to develop imaginative hardware and software solutions to provide value for clients of major industries.

Some of the company's known products are  PICAD, (Passive Interference Collision Avoidance Device) used in light aircrafts, MATE 32, a bench stand-alone microprocessor based ATM system used in automatic electronic testing at any level capable to detect intermittent problems and LIDA (Logic Ignition Diagnostic Analyzer) used in dynamic testing of combustion engine ignition system.

Our practice of working in close contact with our customers allows us to create products that ideally match a particular customer requirements. Positioned as a design firm, we will communicate with you throughout a project in a friendly, no-nonsense and no-buzzwords manner, shaping the project requirements to match both your priorities and accepted practice.

Available products

Broad range of Office automation software and Automated Test Systems for industrial application - call for more info.
on custom design computer controlled production plant system.

Customer service

For contact inquiry please call Connie Antonow
at (661) 943-2415


Current business contracts

Industrial automation systems of both hardware and software,
Microprocessor/Microcontroller based system arhitecture